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Dana Petrie CID, GREEN AP is an Interior Decorator with 10 years of experience in creating beautiful residential and commercial spaces. Dana works on projects of all sizes, from complete design services to simply helping clients choose the perfect paint colors for their home or business.

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DecorDesigners® provide the highest level of customer service and interior decorating design expertise, offering exclusive products, management resources and decor inspiration to homes and businesses located throughout the Southern, NH area.

When creating your personalized Decor StylePrint®, Decor&You® listens, provides excellent service and transforms your space to make you love the space you’re in!

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Decor&You® professional decorators furnish and refine residential and commercial interiors. Click here to see a complete list of service offerings.

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Work hand in hand with one of our decorator’s without them having to step foot into your home. Please feel free to email me for more details.